Checking Your Order Status

I get a lot of questions regarding order status. Below is a handy outline of what happens from the time you place an order, till the time it arrives in your mailbox :)


  • You place an order. Thank you! A confirmation email is sent your way.
  • Be sure to read the product description to see when the approx ship time will be.
  • For most items, it's 2-3 weeks.

The 2-3 weeks after you order

  • During this time, I place an order with my printer/supplier.
  • Blanks are ordered, and usually take a day or two to deliver.
  • Once the blanks deliver, they're printed as soon as possible. My printer runs a professional shop and is great at what he does, so he stays busy. 
  • The day they're printed, they're boxed up and loaded into a UPS truck.
  • UPS (hopefully) delivers them to me 2 business days later.
  • The day I take delivery, I hand pack each individual order.
  • I work full time, so I do this at night after work. On occasion, I might have a prior engagement and have to delay this step a day.
  • A tracking email is sent to you the moment a shipping label is created.
  • The following day, I drop off all the orders at the USPS. They don't enjoy my drop-offs, as they're usually large (thank you again!), but they always greet me with a smile.
  • USPS (again, hopefully) delivers your order in 2-3 business days.

Your order arrives

  • Hit me up with any issues! I'll always do what I can if it's not quite right or doesn't quite fit. Exchanges are always offered when available (as I don't carry much stock), but returns are always accepted.